Empowerment with Compassion and Superior Service

Welcome to Delano Association for the Developmentally Disabled (DADD) - a private non-profit corporation facilitating personal growth, opportunity, and empowerment to people affected by developmental disabilities.

DADD successfully delivers service to infants, their families and adults with developmental disabilities through an array of service structures.

Although we endeavor to be on the cutting edge of innovative "programs" and services, DADD from its inception to the present day hangs it hat on its ability to reach people and assist them in meeting their personal dreams, goals and expectations.

No client dream is too far from reality. With imagination, creativity, determination, perseverance and teamwork many people, clients of DADD, have realized many life dreams.

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DADD welcomes the opportunity to work with you to facilitate your exciting and fun struggle toward achievement and a life that is more meaningful for you or your loved ones.

Please take a few minutes to submit our Online Intake Referral Questionaire to arrange an interview with our Agency Client Care Coordinator.

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Services We Offer

Adult School

DADD offers classes for developmentally disabled adults in our community, which operates on a year round basis. Students are given the opportunity to learn a broad range of skills which include:

  • Self-Care/Grooming/Inpedendent Living Skills
  • Academic Skills
  • Community Integration
  • Various Elective Classes
  • VOC Ed. Programs
  • Current Events Awareness

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