About Delano Association for the Developmentally Disabled (DADD)

Delano Association for the Developmentally Disabled is a private non-profit corporation whose purpose is to help people affected by developmental disabilities be as self reliant and fulfilled as possible. DADD does this by delivering services that offer people opportunities to grow and develop in many ways.

DADD has successfully partnered with Kern County Superintendent of Schools District to serve many infants and toddlers from the northern Kern County communities of Buttonwillow, Lost Hills, Delano and all points between. The Delano and Wasco based centers provide activities in warm, nurturing environments by caring professionals to facilitate development in areas including: educational instruction, speech and language development and therapy, occupational and physical therapy, vision and hearing development, socialization, cognition, gross motor, fine motor, self-help, parent training, as well as family services and support. These programs also employ unique and effective therapeutic methods for infants and toddlers whose physical ability to sit, stand or walk is compromised.

Community Support

For adults whose ability to participate in daily living activities is hindered because of extreme physical limitations, DADD offers Participation Based Mobility® an innovative functional physical therapeutic approach that utilizes an aggressive philosophy and unique equipment to assist people move and engage in their environment.

In order to level the economic playing field for low income families affected by developmental disabilities and provide the benefits of owning safe, decent and affordable homes, DADD created HAVENS (Housing Affordability via Enterprising Nonprofit Services), an affordable housing program under the DADD service umbrella that assists people to qualify for and realize affordable homeownership.

DADD has partnered with many local businesses to provide employment opportunities. Some long term employment partners include, Delano Regional Medical Center, LR’s Pizza, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut. DADD also provides viable vocations and job training through janitorial, lawn service, silk screen printing and park maintenance services. DADD also operates a summertime concession trailer at Lake Woollomes.

Through a partnership with Delano Adult School, a learning lab is offered at the Adult School campus. This effective business collaboration successfully offers opportunities for adults to continue academic development.

Understanding why people engage in problematic behavior and developing alternative more acceptable ways of achieving the same outcome is the core of the Positive Supports Program’s philosophy. With the consultation services of a licensed psychologist and behavior specialist, DADD offers positive behavior support and modification services to adults with problematic behavior disorders.

Through a process that culminates in a festive summer theatrical production many DADD clients experience the opportunity to learn and cultivate traits such as a hard work ethic, time management, dedication, overcoming fears, memorization, socialization, and develop self esteem while having fun and ultimately sharing their performances with the community. The yearly summer time production is always a worthwhile event for all Delano’s citizens.

In harmony with its purpose of helping people affected by developmental disabilities be as self reliant and fulfilled as possible DADD offers an array of individualized home based services such as in-home support, live-in attendants, and daily visits to support people that live in their own apartments or homes.

Although DADD offers an array of basic activities and supports through its many services and programs its capable and caring staff assist more than 350 people realize their personal dreams and goals. Goals such as obtaining a drivers license, purchasing a car, starting a business, getting married, playing in city and club sporting leagues and learning to jet ski, are a few examples of the variety of individual goals people obtain and the flexibility of the agency to meet the needs and dreams of its clientele.

Daily transportation services are also provided for its clientele from Bakersfield, Tulare, Lost Hills, Porterville and all points between.